Monday, March 12, 2007

BAU:Lesson 3 - Boss facing your back? No - No

You are at a serious disadvantage if your sitting position is such that your back is facing your boss. If you belong to this category, then I suggest you consider changing your seat ASAP.

You see, why I am telling you to do so has some reasons that I have cited during the recent days:

When you are sitting with your back to your boss means that your computer screen is facing, well, your boss. Now anybody who has "adopted" a boss, knows that this is not a good sign. And with the accuracy with which your boss pops his/her head up just when you've fired up your Yahoo! messenger, it becomes all the more dangerous.

This reason is more to do with how I feel. I do not like when my boss has to face my ass every time I get off my chair. Even though, I know how much I love to do that.

In fact, I think, a reverse seating arrangement can work wonders for you. That way, you will be able to sometimes get away when got caught playing Solitaire on PC. Well, you may just be able to remind your boss how many times a day (s)he plays poker on his notebook.

Jokes apart, I think that if your boss is facing your back, and if unfortunately, you have a very pokey-nosed boss, then you may get frustrated by the continuous flow of "expert" commentary on everything that your desktop shows up.

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