Monday, March 06, 2006

Its a job for the (wo)man

Who decides that a particular job is for a man or a woman?

I sometimes wonder why women are preferred in a particular job and why men are preferred in a particular kind of a job. For example: The HR department. Why is it that we find more women in an Hr department? And why is it that those women mostly are good-looking?

I can understand that some jobs such as a receptionist demands an attractive, good-looking lady, so people generally feel a sense of being welcomed nicely to the office premises. But in some jobs, I think this attitude is uncalled for.

Why is it that we find more men in a technology-driven firm? Is it that men can understand technology better than women? Is it that women are good negotiators that they are seen in large numbers in recruitment?

Why is the finance domain, almost fully occupied by men? Is it that women can't handle money matters effectively?

I don't think the jobs are so very different that the opposite sex is unable to do it? I think it is just a case of a "myth-becomes-tradition-becomes-faith".

What say?