Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blog migrated to WordPress

For many days I have been considering migrating the blogs to WordPress. Finally I've moved CubicleAnimal to WordPress. Please change your subscription of CubicleAnimal feed to point to the url:

As a bonus you will find all the "Being An Underperformer" series posts under the category "BAU" on the new blog. Just click on the categories listed in the sidebar on the right and you will get all the BAU posts.

I've added two more categories; "Mortal Thoughts" and "Nonsense". "Mortal Thoughts" have posts that I write due to an instant flash of motivation to want to write about something I just found amusing.
The "Nonsense" category has the posts that are usual nonsense or absurdity that I see, feel and think about for a while before resigning it as being "absurd", "utter nonsense" or "bullshit".

Happy reading.

Monday, April 02, 2007

BAU:Lesson 4 - Frustrated... How many bosses do you have?

I have seen in some projects during my years through cubicle life that have more than one bosses. At the same level.

Usually a team performs best when there is a hierarchy of some kind with a flexible enough reporting structure. A rigid chain-of-command makes it pretty much stiffling for team members. Especially the ones who are part of an intellectual space such as IT or Media.

A friend of mine has highlighted the pitfalls of a team that has more than one boss very nicely in his blog "Multiple Boss = Exponential Problems"