Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BAU:Lesson 2 - Never love your job; at least pretend not to

First, I apologize for the delay in this post. I was on a planned Holi festival vacation that got extended. And let me add that when I am on vacation, it means that I am with my family minus my laptop, my blackberry and my cell phone. After all vacations are supposed to be an “escape” and that’s just the reason I take them for.

Coming back to today’s lesson:

I strongly recommend/suggest/encourage you to NOT love your job.

A few days ago I saw a jobsite ad on TV where a person is shown who deserves a better job. But he is so much in love with his current job that he just can’t see the telltale signs that tell him to make the switch. Although humorous, this ad carries a serious message too. “Do not become so obsessed with your job that you tend to lose out on better opportunities.”

Through this lesson, I am NOT trying to communicate the following ideas:
  • Tell you to become a job hopper
  • Tell you to “hate” your job

What I am trying to highlight is that never get “emotionally-attached” with your job or your work. We never know what future holds for us. Thus in a world where “change is the only constant” I think it is always better to keep oneself ready for the next change when it comes staring at you round a bend.

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