Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Waking up

It has been a deep slumber since June 2006 to February 2007. But now the meek cubicle animal is awake. What woke it, I do not know. But I feel I got the purpose clear after a long meditation on what I want this blog to represent.

The moment of truth is finally here...

From this day onwards, I am starting a series titled "Being an Underperformer: Things that you should NOT do at your workplace".
This series will be a weekly post, in which I will highlight one lesson on what you should NOT do at your workplace.
All these lessons will be written to guide you be satisfied at your workplace, but with a little dash of humor and fun to drive home the point I am making.
I will try not to make it too serious that you eventually switch off. At the same time, I will try not sound completely stupid also.

The first lesson begins on Monday. I have chosen this day because many people call it "Blue Monday" and find it hard to come to terms that there is a whole week ahead of them before they can enjoy the next holiday.

So keep an eye on this place each Monday. It may lighten up your mood and prepare you to face the oncoming week, head-on.

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